Gingerbread Dress Up

The client

T-Mobile (Rideshare Ad Platform)

Ideation, Illustration, Animation, Sound Design
Illustrator, After Effects
The brief

For the winter holiday season, I created a gingerbread dress up mini-game for our rideshare tablets. I loved playing online dress up games as a child and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to combine that with the upcoming holiday theme.

Gingerbread Design

The game features a spunky gingerbread cookie who gets impatient the longer you take to pick an outfit for them. These are sketches of a couple of festive winter outfits. The final designs ended up having the character more "cookie-shaped" and the outfits more simplified.

Room Design

Since all games on our tablets must be one-tap, I illustrated the background to be like a room in a gingerbread house where players can pick one of four outfits to wear. From the sketch to the final background design, the layout of the clothing rack changed to make the options more tappable and some of the foreground objects were removed to be less distracting.