Google Pixel Survey

The client

T-Mobile, Google Pixel

Graphic Design, Animation, Sound Design
Illustrator, After Effects
The brief

To celebrate Google's new Pixel 7 and 7 Pro phones, T-Mobile Advertising worked together with the team at Google to create a tablet survey to showcase three key features of the phones. As a designer on the T-Mobile team, I worked on designing and animating the survey.

First Draft

The survey displays three key features of the Pixel 7 and aims to show how these features can help users with their day-to-day tasks. The users can choose to learn more about the Magic Eraser, Live Translate, or Ecosystem feature. The first draft laid out the overall structure of the survey. The individual features were emphasized.

Second Draft

The second draft refined the layout of each of the feature's reveals. After discussing with the Google Pixel team, we decided to put the focus more on how each feature would be used in the context of the phone.