Morning Mixer

The client

Octopus Interactive (T-Mobile)

Illustration, Graphic Design, Brand Design, Animation
Illustrator, After Effects
The brief

Morning Mixer is a weekly internal event where Octopus team members are encouraged to chat with coworkers they typically donโ€™t work with to gain more perspective about the projects and ideas they are working on. I was tasked with creating the brand design for the event as well as the event collateral.


This is the logo I designed for the Morning Mixer. We wanted the branding of the event to have a morning cafe / "coffee & donuts" type of feeling. I sketch out a couple of ideas I had and decided on sketch #7 since I felt it suited the theme well and felt the most balanced.

Color Explorations

Above are color explorations I did to figure out which colors fit this event the best. I ended up choosing the one on the far left for it's warm brown and orange tones which I felt fit the "morning coffee shop" theme.

Morning Mixer Passport

The Morning Mixer Passport is a printed pamphlet that attendees can take to the meetings. The two inside pages include space where attendees can get special stamps for attending. The design of the cover plays into the fact that the logo looks a bit like a pastry itself.