The client

Octopus Interactive + Uber

Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation, Sound Design
Illustrator, After Effects, Sketch
The brief

UberTV was a collaboration between Octopus Interactive and Uber to create a co-branded tablet for drivers to put in their rideshare vehicle. While our collaboration is no longer active, one of the biggest projects I worked on for this collaboration was the introduction video for UberTV shown above. This project was supervised by a senior designer on our team, Solongo Enkhtor.


These are the rough storyboard sketches I made to help figure out the flow of the video and how to best present all the information we wanted to include.


Using Uber's brand and motion guidelines, we created a video that gives a quick overview of the kind of content and experience riders can expect from our collaboration. The images on the side are a few of the style frames I designed to help guide my animating process.